Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

Beauty Icon : Jean Shrimpton

Back in the 60's Jean Shrimpton was a hot shot. Known as the "Symbol of Swinging London" , she helped to launch the miniskirt in Australia , while wearing it at the Victoria Derby in Melbourne. In beauty history she'll be rembered for her wide doe-eyes , long wispy eyelashes , arched brows and pouty lips.

How to create her look
Add silver or icy blue eyeshadow on the lower lid and on the movable lid. Use black eyeshadow (e.g. "Barocco Trio Fards à Paupières" by Clarins) to accentuate the crease. Now , draw a very thin line with eyeliner (e.g "Penultimate Eyeliner" by MAC) close to the lashes. Apply a white kohl  on the inner lid. Mascara all lashes several times .

For having Jean's Eyebrows , draw fine lines with an eyebrow pencil  between your own.
Use blush  to accentuate your cheekbones.
For the lips , use a glossy pastel pink lipstick .

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